Imbrued is the second book in the Sanguinary Series.


Angel is surviving.  But is someone about to try and put an end to that?  Again.


After the harrowing experiences that she went through, Angel is trying hard to keep things on track.  Although she sometimes feels that she is just going through the motions of life.  Her heart still pumps her blood but she doesn’t feel alive.  


Until her life is turned upside down again when a traumatic event draws her back into the blood drinking world.  But it is a world that has changed dramatically.  A world where legends and reality blur.  Where myths and facts collide.


A slayer has risen.


A slayer with a stake in his hand.  A stake destined for the hearts of those that Angel loves.


In the battle that ensues, she must fight, not only for herself but for all those that she holds dear.  But who will survive?




More sex, blood and rock n roll.